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Best Way to Backup iMessages to iPhone
iMessage is the most useful app on the iPhone and iPad because we all use iMessage to connect with all apple users. It is free and easy to transfer any files with messages. There is a lot of important messages that are transferring daily. So, we need to back up our special Message to our iPhone. Therefore, what are the best options to save iMessages? You can use two methods to backup iMessage. It is Backup iMessage on iCloud and Computer. Backup on iCloud it easy. So in this article guides how to backup iMessages to iCloud and Windows and Mac computers.

How to backup iMessages to iCloud
Saving iPhone data to iCloud is very simple; you can save iMessages and photos. Apple provides 5GB storage for icloud. All apple users can get this storage for free. If you want to get, more you can pay for storage and get it. You can follow the below guide.

1.Connect your iPhone to WIfi network
2.Once it connected, go to setting > Your name > iCloud. If you are using the old iOS version, Go to setting > iCloud.
3.Now tap on iCloud backup and make sure to turn it on
4.Tap again Backup now and keep connected to the WIFI network until the process finishes.
5.Once it finishes, all iMessage will be stored in iCloud.

If 5GB storage is not enough for backup, you can get more storage for 50GB for $0.99 (USD) a month. If you want more, you can go for high plans. Once you started back up iPhone to iCloud, all data are sync between iPhone and iCloud. If you are deleted a iMessages, then once you connected to WIFI or internet through mobile data.
The deleted Message will delete on iCloud backup as well. If you have any questions regarding this, let us know.
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